Sunday, September 1, 2013

Some of the Warm Bright Indian Homes

Anything that instantly brings brightness on my face is a beautiful home. Wheather I am actually witnessting it or even while I am Pintresting, beautifully done beaming decors makes me cheered at any given point. 
I wish I could have opted this as a career but destiny had something else in the store for me but nevermind, its my most basked passion and I am always on a hunt to get inspired on living green, bright and beautiful. 

Contemporary has somehow not been my forte and area of liking. I like the taste of my roots that is Indian. I love the old haveli inspired homes, the rajasi living, the beautiful nomadic home of Gujrat and Kutch. The vivid colour schemes of houses in the south and so on. 

Colors in any form excite me. I have here gathered some of the most epicurean homes of India. Some of the best of boheme interios and I am sure you'll like the compilation

I'd soon be covering a post on how to pep up your boring corners with some simple decor DIY's and its absolute fun. There is a diffrent joy altogther when you create something on your own. Some of the simplest stuff and useless clutter at home can help you create a craft and a decor peice. 

For now, enjoy the picture ride: 

Photo credits : Pinterest , Elle Decor 
Decor Blogs.

Hope you enjoyed the post


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Me and My SHOE Fetish!

I Love my Shoes! Hope u gonna like the collection too!

Shoes shoes I love shoes, You chase away my moody blues In every colour, in many hues Shoes shoes, I love you
I don’t know exactly when my love affair with shoes began, but I do fondly remember sneaking my mother’s white patent 3 inch clogs to slip on at school in 5th  grade…
I love shoes and I don’t hesitate to admit it.  Is it rational?  Probably not, but who cares?!?!  They make me happy -buying them, wearing them… and a girl can truly never have enough.  How many times have I toiled to find the perfect outfit for an occasion?  But I never had to struggle to find the perfect shoe. !!!!!