Monday, December 24, 2012

A little about my home

I followed a draggy corporate regime for most years before turning to my first love i.e; Creativity. I was a painter at school but i did not take my passion for painting seriously. Not just painting, my passion includes art and crafts, travelling, fashion,  Bakingcollecting Mugs (coz I am a die-hard tea lover), Doodling, , Drawing , amateur Photography etc there is a long list of things that make me happy, you can easily call me Happy Singh because I am a lover of life and I want to try out on everything this beautiful life has to offer. 

Home is where my heart is.

Marriage propelled me to move into this house which was a typical bachelor’s mess. Like a challenge, I happily accepted it and began to think how I can turn it into a heaven of my dreams. 
First task comprised of colouring the entire house into a schematic manner. Walls were covered in bright fiery yellow and tint of orange partially. My living room represents life and features a combination of yellow ochre and warm yellow on the corresponding walls.

The furniture is cane wood I procured from an auction fair and truly represents the earthy feel. My taste in interiors is rather rustic than contemporary.  The dark Mahogany shade defends my love for old world charm and antique furniture, which is unique and classy and can turn any ordinary place into special

There is a peculiar beauty about colourful wine bottles which always captivated my attention. These empty bottles now serve a ‘home’ to my feng shui bamboos and money plants.

During a recent visit to West Africa, I got hooked up with the intrinsic beauty of masks. I have picked a few beautiful hand painted masks before from India too from various crafts fairs but the africa picked remains my favorites. 

The ‘terracotta’tiles on my studio wall is inspired by Jamini Roy’s painting, bought impetuously from a local market in Kolkata. You may also stumble upon a hand woven jute owl picked from the same place.

My home is a blend of culture from all over country. You can sense, how different cultures are amalgated under one roof. Incense stand holder, mini triangular wood engraved closet from Saharanpur. Wall hangings and patchwork umbrella purchased from Gujarat handicrafts store. Blue pottery from Jaisalmer. they're all close to my heart.

The bedroom has a huge mural of Adam and eve, i painted myself :)

As an adventurer and enthusiast, I truly believe that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’. As soon as I get my hands on the SLR camera, which I wish to own one in future, I will not only capture the intrinsic beauty of my house but shall arrest the daily beauty of a life from different perspectives.

Like a true artist, I believe in creating something new rather than working or living on something which already exists. However, blogging helps to gather fresh ideas and conceive them in my unique way.

Here are few latest pictures I clicked at home.

Meet Pranky :) 

Thanks for stopping bye and your time to visit my lil world.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual visit ! Would love to see you over a cup of masala tea at my place !

Much Love XOXO


  1. loved the visit, thanks hun

    xo vijeta

  2. loved the visit, thanks hun

    xo vijeta

  3. Thank You Vijeta! hope to see you often !

  4. very nice Mamta, do post the snaps of your new home...