Sunday, January 27, 2013

Outfit of the day: Red and Black Brocade & Silk Sari with Kundan Earrings

Bonjour!! My lovely ladies!!

Hope the first month of the year is treating you well, hope all those who have resolutions are still sticking hard to them; all those weight loss plans are intact and the zeal is gushing full swing ….!! J

For most of us, this is the month of reflection, anticipation, of making plans, scratching plans, of counting blessings, hopes and even fears. Isn’t it?

For me this month is the start of love, flashing memories and ne
w fresh plans. Well the reason is, I tied knot with my beloved three years back in the same month. So January in all its form is special for me.

Remember in my last saree post I was telling you all about my anniversary. It was on the 20th of this month and I started to make plans to make this moment a memorable one, a month in advance.

So finally the hard work didn’t pine away and the day turned out magical for us.
Without further a delay, today I am sharing my anniversary outfit with you all here.  Hope you’ll equally love it as I did.
I wore a customized Sabyasachi Sari gifted to me by my beloved husband, sometime before our anniversary. 

Floored?!? Aren't you? ;)  I know half of the million women in this world want to own a Sabyasachi ensemble. Me being a self-confessed Sari Fanatic, this was an absolute dream come true, doesn’t matter if this is just the basic one but I was truly happy.

MAKE UP: Yes, I did make up this time. A little bit of Clinique foundation for the base all over my face followed by the blush to add the tint of pink on my cheekbones. I wanted a dramatic lippy shade so I wore Red Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick.

HAIR: I love rollers! You can see the result bouncing on my shoulders ;) my pom pom tresses J (later made a lazy bun myself)

JEWELLERY: Keeping the jewelry as minimal as I could, I preferred wearing my most favorite traditional Kundan Red and Black uncut diamond Baliyaan. (Luckily it exactly matched my sari)

To my disappointment the breath of the sari was too less. When I tried wearing heels over it, it made me look funny. So I opted to go with flats. I chose to wear bronze beaded flats which, I normally wear with my regular ethnic wears. 
I left the clutch and my bag in the car so it’s missing L

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I know the next question arises about what place is it. It’s Magique, located in the gist of Garden of Five Senses in Delhi.  I was blown away with the beauty of this place. It’s a total worth if you’re planning a romantic dinner sometime with your beau. Do try this place.


·        Sari: Sabyasachi Ensemble, Mumbai
·        Jewelry: Wedding Jewelry
·        Shoes: Mochi
·        Bracelet: Amrapali
·        Watch: Fossil

I have also added picture with my hubby beloved. No outfit details for him as he is the most random and freewheeling dresser ever. lol

Hope you’ll enjoy this post. Feedbacks are most welcomed!

Keep Shinning and keep pampering yourself!


  1. that u have put shamiks pic then I think I can write that he was my trainer once..I reconised u long back but never shared it...

  2. forgot to write ...ur look pretty and classy

  3. oh my god!!this really is a small world ! Thanks a lot whats ur name btw ?

  4. How I would *kill* for that saree.
    In fact, Sabyasachi is the real reason I want to get married.
    Anyhow, you look absolutely lovely. :)
    And I'm so glad to finally see a saree on an Indian blog.

  5. haa haa haa m sure, and i almost killed shamik if he dare wudnt have gifted me my sabby this anniversray :X
    Thanks a tonn babe !!!!
    you know karishma, I am a huge fan of ur writings and ur blog, infact I thought i'd request you to cover a kitsch saree post on me, when u're here in delhi sometime.
    Ciao! see u soon :)

  6. Super pretty. First time here. Cute blog :)
    You look like actress Koel Purie

  7. Thanks a lot kat <3 I am overwhelmed ! love koel Puri

  8. hey yu look really gorge in saree :)cuttie

  9. Thanks a lot Gowme :) I sent this for the outfit entry on IMBB but it got rejected :(

  10. You look absolutely gorgeous, Mamta! Belated anniversary to you and the hubby. You two make an adorable couple :))
    You DO look like Koel Purie and also like Chitrangada Singh. You remind me of a mix of the two [definitely a compliment :))].
    You need to post more often...!

    1. I meant belated anniversary wishes :P
      Can't believe you've been married for three years! We're pretty close in age ;)

  11. I am Sakhi Karmakar

  12. Jus spoke with Shamik about you, he is surprised too and has send this greetings to you. Take care and stay in touch Sakhi :)

  13. Thanks love. I'd love to shoot you. Inbox Purple Peeptoes on Facebook, so I can be in touch. =)

  14. Needless to say, the saree is beautiful! I like the beads/kaudiyaan used in the blouse. And what enthralled me are those earrings!! Gosh, they are extraordinarily pretty. I am on a hunt to buy something like that. Think you can help?

  15. Ofcourse sweety ! only if u're based out of New Delhi or NCR maybe. and thanku so much for dropping by and being so seraphic !

  16. Great post! I would love to wear kundan sets in my sister's marriage next month.

  17. wow looking so nice in red and black sari