Thursday, June 27, 2013

If shopping is a crime, ARREST ME !

Hola Women !

How are u doing wonderful ladies? hope the monsoon must have got you the most needed relieve from the blistering hot summers. Where for some of us the rain has come as a joy for some the angry rain gods have turned really monstrous. I am really sad and disturbed by the news of the disaster in Uttrakhand and most parts of it. Its shocking!

I have made a little contibution towards the victims of the catastrophe and would encourage you to please do your bit at the helplines numbers too. Here is lil info on this:

Helpline numbers:
Uttarkashi: 01374-226126, 226161
Chamoli: 01372-251437
Tehri: 01376-233433
Rudraprayag: 01732-1077
The ITBP helpline and control room numbers: 011-24362892, 9968383478
Army medical emergency helpline numbers: 18001805558, 18004190282, 8009833388
Uttarakhand Helpline numbers: 0135-2710334, 2710335, 2710233
Railway helpline numbers at Haridwar: 09760534054/09760534055;
Dehradun: 01352622131;
Rishikesh: 01352434167
Special helpline numbers:
State Disaster Management Centre: 0135-2710334, 2710335, 2718401-04. Fax: 2718400, 6555523, 6555524
Others: 09755444486, 09808151240, 09837134399, 999779124, 9451901023, 9456755206, 9634535758
For more information, please see the website where details are available:
Email ID:
Haridwar Control Room Numbers: 01334-233727, 01334-265876, 01334-223999, 01334-226849

Contact Person Dr Naresh Chaudhary: 9837352202 

My post today is about my self confessed love for SHOPPING !

Tell me who all love it ?!! I know I know keep your hands down. Afterall no therapy is better than retail therapy ;)Agreed??
 So today i have in my kitty the recent purchases that I have made.  I love the concept of online shopping. dnt need to move ur butt an inch and grab the stuff right at ur hands! Voila! however I make the payment in advance but it feels like I am receiving presents at doorstep. Oh I so love it!
** HappyDance**

Shopping is not just a feeling of immence joy but other than anything,it uplifts my mood instantly!

I am sucker for boho stuff, and it could be anything. Bags vintage dresses dreamcatchers or more such stuff. My family has accepted me as a maniac who simply hoard on stuff and i royaly choose reject their allegations. Sometimes I am short of oppertunities to wear what all i buy and to explore the hidden boho wanderer woman who secretly reside in me. Delhi is certainly not the place to explore such illusions. Unless you're at a soopar cool place to hang out at. 

I wish we had a beach here, I often get this dream where i have a floral tiara on my mane and I am running on the cold wet sand of a stranded beach wearing a long yellow very feminine dress with lots of bangles stacked on my wrist. 
Well, I am very serious about this dream and hoping to make it real sometime soon

Would love to know your secret fantasies and dreams too. Stay and touch! Touch the skies :)

Would welcome thoughts and feedbacks !

Tory Burch, Name says it all !

and i can keep looking at it alllllllll day long

isnt it super hot?

The Beauty in disguise

The Beauty Revealed


The Coach Aunthentic, Ahaan!

My Floral pants and I love the print to death

The Black and White Essentials Statement Piece

liked the pattern so picked another shade too, isnt it cool ?

Simple! Chic! and Sexy as hell!

my most adored peice - did u notice the little scull hanging as drops

The Multicoloured Spikey must have, goes with all most EVERYTHING !

My hot favorites petite chain pendents from Claire's - All you need is "Peace" & "Love"

Some more of gold

This heart rules me this season

Mandarin drop statement neckpiece! love this groovy one

Pumps! are my recent obsessions nowadays

Turquoise is the colour of the season, Make sure you have one too in ur wordrobe

Animal print! Never went out of fashion, never will SM again

A perfect studded super hot black flats from Steve Madden

A must have floral sling bag with gold accents! I love it!

Thanks to Snapdeal ! I got hold of this wonderful Catwalk Gold beaded Flats on super cool discount

The long sought after - Tan Brogues

Some more of my Gold Romanticism

The perfect white lace top I have been hunting inspired by my daily dose of Pinterest

A colourful Vintage Dress by Ai.Ko - Aarti Kalro

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures ! Pictures are all clicked by me some are camera some are instagrammed.

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Ciao !