Monday, April 29, 2013

Cherish Dream Live: Home tour - Vibrant, kitschy home of Mamata Sharma...

Cherish Dream Live: Home tour - Vibrant, kitschy home of Mamata Sharma...: So are you ready to see more of Mamta's home and story... If you have not seen Part I of Mamta's home do check it out HERE . ...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kaffiiaa : A day before Navratri

Hey Loulies !

Hope you're doing all great.

I was out for a dinner with my friends yesterday. Here is what I wore for the date with my lovely ladies :)

We dined at Kiffianna, a multi cuisine restaurant specializing in Italian.  A place that lived up to its name and yeah don’t miss out on the hukka trial, they’ve got some really awesome amalgamated flavors.

The walls were decked out in vintage sketches and prints, big chalkboards, beautiful windows, and softness. I checked out the Arabic platter for the first time and felt happy with the choice we made.

We have navratri’s starting from today so the whole purpose of the visit was to stock up chicken as much as we could. :p
Though I am totally a spiritual person more than a religious acolyte.

For me it’s the Karma that all matters but keeping fasting and performing rituals are a family trend and I have been following it since a tender age and lately love doing it too. After all I never fail on making momma proud of me.  ;P

Felt good after I got home.

There is a lot more happening in this month and I am all mixed emotions about it. I’d be moving in a new apartment somewhat in the coming week.

I’ve been attached to my nest from day one when I stepped in post marriage. I turned it from hell to heaven. My decor been appreciated by so many people, all those blog posts...:(  While taking off the pictures and artifacts I felt a strange heartache. I think I would write a post soon on how bewildered this feeling is and on how my journey has been in this house.

For now stay tuned for my journey from home to a different home. 

Stay Cheerful :) and apply the yolo rule!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bourjois Rouge Edition – 10 Rouge Buzz Review

Boujour my lovely ladies!

Hope the week is treating you well. I am back with a lipstick review this time. I went for my anniversary shopping sometime back and was trying and testing different shades of lipsticks, I am not much of a lipstick person and usually stick to lip glosses but this time I wanted to wear something sparky and attention grabbing, so I either wanted to go for the electric shades of tomato red or a shade with high tones of coral.

Among the few I love and my favorite being Bourjois, I went to their counter and agreed testing the Rouge Edition which was recently been launched. I smoothly swiped a quick application on my lips and Voila! It was exactly what I was looking for. I saw myself in the mirror and quickly decided I want this, basically this shade was a love at first sight ;). Without much ado, I picked it up. Let’s proceed to the verdict now:


The casing is quite eye catching. Boujois is boldly engraved on the cap. Rouge edition impressed on the other side. The cap is black in color and is opaque whereas the bottom is crystalized, you can pretty much see the shade at the bottom. Good sturdy packaging. Absolutely no problems with the cap while using.


  • INR: 725

Shelf Life

  • 3 year

Description of Bourjois Rouge Edition – 10 Rouge Buzz

There are 18 shades launched under this particular edition and there are 3 themes Preppy, Color Block and Night Out. Preppy has the nude looks, Color Block are the hot popping colors which stands perfect to sport a party look and Night Out are the sophisticated stylish looks apt for office wear.

There is no scent as such and the lipstick lasts for hours. I wore it on a dinner date even after my meals the shade did not fade away and even if it fades it fades beautifully and evenly. Of course the shine goes off but the softness of the lips was intact and the matt color was still visible of my lips.

It is a must-have lippy in your make-up bag. Its buildable formula is enriched with pure laque for a radiant, glossy finish along with orchid blossom extract meaning it glides onto the lips leaving them feeling smooth, hydrated and protected for up to 10 hours. Stylish and sleek in design, it is the perfect fashion accessory for that trendsetting smile.


It is perfectly pigmented, creamy and soft. It doesn't dry out my lips, nor does it settle in lines which makes it a must buy all the more.  Keep the lips hydrated and plump.
Perfect party wear, no shimmer particles to be seen but its sheeny at a content where it doesn’t look over.

I have loved my purchase and will re buy it for sure, may be a nude shade next time.


  • Creamy and glides smoothly on the lips.
  • Adequately glossy
  • Turns the lips soft and is very moisturizing
  • One swipe and you are done
  • Nice groovy party shade
  • Does not bleed
  • Excellent pigmentation


  • None I would say but price might sound high to some
Lots of Love and Lippys to you ladies!!!


Friday, April 5, 2013

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel Review

Hello my mademoiselles. A grand hello from MSD! Hope you all are rocking this season

Verdict:  as the label claims it’s a sumptuous soap free cleansing with strawberry seed oil.
I just started using this strawberry shower gel a few days ago and thought of penning down a review after just few days of usage. I just couldn’t stop myself reason being: First: it’s still available on discount if you buy it online. Second: it’s a perfect pick for use in spring season as it does not dry the skin …hffff ! What a relief. Phew!

Its fresh and pure strawberry fragrance will give you a great bathing experience + which does not hurt your nose, but makes you feel relaxed ;)

This shower gel has a decent lather and forms bubbles, hence it’s perfect for a romantic bubble bath. It lathers the best when used with a loofa or bathing lily. I gently rub it all over my skin with the help of a loofa and it leaves my skin very soft and very refreshed. It's invigorating in the shower, cleanses well, and leaves skin feeling light and moisturized. The smell is absolutely babelicious, although a little light. In order to smell this fragrance on my skin after a shower, I have to let it sit onto my skin for about a minute or two, so maybe they could improve on the lingering power, other than that this product is great!

Did You Know?

As the packaging claims, this product contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia. Through their trade, African Beekeepers can continue to practice traditional beekeeping, using hives handcrafted from locally sourced materials. This method promotes healthy bees and deters logging.


It is packaged in a typical TBS bottle which is rather durable and comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a click open and shut lid, which is good because you get to squeeze out the amount you want to use and is hygienic too! The shower gel is translucent bright red, moderately thick, and works up a fine lather, which saves you on its usage as the lather cleans well too.

How to use:

Squeeze the required quantity onto the palms of your hands and massage over your body. Take help of a soft loofa or a bathing brush with soft bristles. It will form rich lather. Play with the bubbles for a while in order to enjoy the fragrance of ripe strawberries. Rinse off in shower. 


·  It does not dry the skin unlike many other body shower gels
 It lathers really well.

·Its soap free. So bye bye dryness !

· Easily available at all the TBS outlets of course India & abroad.

· Travel Friendly packaging but don’t forget to seal the cap with cello tape before packing.


·   This one also has slight sliminess even after washing, and thus you need lots of water for a full clean up. But it is common among shower gels.

    The strawberry scent in this is very noticeable, and it does smell realistic to a certain extent, but there is also a really strong note of something artificial in there. So may like it some wont.


Rs. 340 for 250 ml, I got it for 300/- INR after discount. Yay!

Will I recommend it?

Yes! Yes! Yes! It is not a body shop product which will cost you too much and I quite liked the fragrance that lingers on post its usage. I thought that it was worth a buy! So it’s worth a share too with my girl gang here! Wont tag it as a must buy of the year but will certainly recommend to try once.
This soap-free shower gel contains real strawberry seed oil and it is a deliciously sweet bouquet of strawberries. So in all a Soap-free, Lather-rich - Sweet strawberry Fragrance delight. Yummie!!!