Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Special Sunday Luncheon

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for writing a little late. Life has been keeping me busy on all the unimportant things of life. *sign*

Shamik was away for some time in the beginning of this month which gave me a chance to live my life like a bachelor again. Those ten days has been super fun. I went out, met all my long met friends, threw a party at home, Got sloshed, burnt my hair while lighting a cigarette from the gas stove and what not. In one statement, it was ‘One hell of a night’.

But trust me once in a while its absolutely important not to take yourself and life seriously. It’s good to be little insane too and I don’t miss out on following this golden rule.

February is almost at the verge of end, I have had my mixed experiences in this month however the end is getting a bit tragic and painful as I have not been keeping well for past few days and I hate to fall sick, it’s when we are unwell we realize how important or health is beside everything in this world and we so seem to take it for grant. So ladies please take good care of yourselves.

Well, without much ado let me share what today’s post is all about.

I am going to share with you all the special Luncheon prepared by me as a surprise, on Shamik’s arrival from Kolkata. Like a typical Bengali, all what my husband enjoys is good food. So nothing could sooth is heart better than an aesthetically served homemade lunch after a long journey.

I prepared piri piri saugages, as a starter dish, followed by stuffed Aloo parathas with baba ganoush prepared with an Indian Twist.
Main course concluded dry pepper chicken with basil steamed rice.

And guess what, ;) MSD was right! As SD went drooling enjoying his special Sunday Luncheon.:) J
And they lived happily ever after…..

Will be back soon with some more writing in the month of March, till then love yourself, pamper yourself, and never ever take yourself for grant.