Thursday, September 20, 2012

The eternal dilemma.

We like being alone, to an extent, everyone. But we crave to be with someone. We desire to live in solitude, but we are scared of desolation. We want for everything we don’t have and once we have it how we wish we never had. We wish it had never happened for the fear of having to let go of it, somewhere down the line. It’s a vicious cycle and we ask for it. We want more of it. We wish to die young but we fear death.

We pursue happiness but that pursuit becomes our nemesis. It kills our peace and we let it happen. We grow too weak before realizing the failure ; the failure of never knowing what happiness truly was. Was it money? Was it love? Was it that dream of having it all? We don’t know. May be there’s nothing like happiness. May be it’s all relative. May be the idea of having it all is an illusion. It’s like barter. We give and we take. We trade dreams for reality. We trade reality for dreams. It doesn’t matter for we always long for that, which we had to give away. “Was it worth it?”, we might ask. The answer has to be yes even when the heart says it wasn’t. A no would mean nothing.


  1. very etched piece. Love ur apt usage of words.

  2. Hearted.
    I think life would be a lot simpler if we measured happiness according to our own standards rather than what society prescribes to us. But this is so much easier than done. I've been struggling with it since my teenage years, and it's been worth it :) Although, I don't know if I'll ever be "happy" in society's eyes. Them them, I'll always be the girl that could have had it all :)

  3. You knw Devie, I have dealt with the dilemma now. My next post will cover how.and I am sure you would love it.

  4. Thanks for sharing .