Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kaffiiaa : A day before Navratri

Hey Loulies !

Hope you're doing all great.

I was out for a dinner with my friends yesterday. Here is what I wore for the date with my lovely ladies :)

We dined at Kiffianna, a multi cuisine restaurant specializing in Italian.  A place that lived up to its name and yeah don’t miss out on the hukka trial, they’ve got some really awesome amalgamated flavors.

The walls were decked out in vintage sketches and prints, big chalkboards, beautiful windows, and softness. I checked out the Arabic platter for the first time and felt happy with the choice we made.

We have navratri’s starting from today so the whole purpose of the visit was to stock up chicken as much as we could. :p
Though I am totally a spiritual person more than a religious acolyte.

For me it’s the Karma that all matters but keeping fasting and performing rituals are a family trend and I have been following it since a tender age and lately love doing it too. After all I never fail on making momma proud of me.  ;P

Felt good after I got home.

There is a lot more happening in this month and I am all mixed emotions about it. I’d be moving in a new apartment somewhat in the coming week.

I’ve been attached to my nest from day one when I stepped in post marriage. I turned it from hell to heaven. My decor been appreciated by so many people, all those blog posts...:(  While taking off the pictures and artifacts I felt a strange heartache. I think I would write a post soon on how bewildered this feeling is and on how my journey has been in this house.

For now stay tuned for my journey from home to a different home. 

Stay Cheerful :) and apply the yolo rule!


  1. thanks for your comment on my blog mansi. I love the lace jacket. they look soo cool. can be worn with just anything.

    new post up!

  2. love ur blog...a gr8 find 4r me...

  3. Thanks Sanaya ! u are too gorgeous woman ! love ur eyes and u got my name wrong its Mamta

  4. Kaffiia is 5 minutes from my place. :)
    Love the outfit! I'm crushing on your necklace big time. Where did you get it from? :D

  5. Thank You Sweety ! so are u based out of Noida too ?

    Its from youshine. Youshine kiosk is at Select City Walk, Saket.

    1. Yes yes, I'm from Noida. :D
      And the necklace is really pretty. I shall go and check it out at the youshine kiosk soon ^-^

  6. heyy.. thank u soo much for reviewing us.. its our pleasure .. regards

  7. Thank you ! we love ur place ! grt italian at great price !