Monday, January 7, 2013

What a lazy Day it is !

Seriously! what a lazy day it is. Delhi is freezing, never that I imagined that the weather is going to reach 1.5 degrees. Hard to believe isn't it ? but its true.
Imagine how are we poor souls managing to wake up for work in this weather, how are we going work ? and how are we going out. ...Arrrgghhh. If the temperature has dropped this low then no wonder its about to snow next year in Delhi.

Winters !! i hate you like i love you.

I am dozing off at my work station, have nothing much to do. Done with today's workload.
I wish I could leave a lil early for home, to enjoy that perfect cup of tea in my most favorite corner of my house - my balcony. I am right opposite to the swimming pool not a very great sight but isn't that bad either, but I still wish there could have been some little more plants and greenery at this place.

Office is so boring without any work so thought of playing around with my laptop camera. Not a bad idea it seems.

Here is a lazy photo shoot of today and many other such lazy days.

| tunic, Vero Moda | Scarf : Mango| Spectacles : DKNY| V Neck Sweater Inside: Espirit|
Ring : Personal Collection

Keep Shinning My Girls!!