Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Play Saris

Play Clan has come out with saris. Their range of T-shirts were already a huge hit and you can see here why so. Sari's was unexpected and was not sure if the playful side would transcend well onto this traditional piece of garment. Looking at their shoot pictures, looks like a fun garment to own while maintaining comfort!

Q&A with Play Clan founder and designer Himanshu Dogra:
  • How did the idea to make saris come about?
The Sari gives us a canvas to tell a story. Paired with interesting accessories, it is a strong graphic statement, in a playful whimsical way.
  • Do you want to introduce the younger audience to the idea of wearing six yards? 
Yes, we feel that this may push the boundary to a younger audience, wiling to experiment and express a viewpoint.

  • Will these be available at the Play Clan stores for purchase?

In two months time. (Priced at Rs 14, 995)


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